In Memorium Candlesticks in white cement
Lighting a candle brings a warm, comforting glow and has long been associated with remembrance. This set of three ecclesial style candlesticks in white cement add a touch of period elegance with a modern industrial twist. The cement base contains a small amount of cremation ash - a perfect choice for the discreet memento. In our cement mix, we use Cornish granite dust mined from a local quarry so you will literally be getting a little piece of Cornwall! As the cast is being poured ashes are sprinkled into the mould so they become fully incorporated into the solid piece, indicating our elemental connection to the earth. We only require a small amount of ashes for this order. This means you can make other choices alongside to bury or scatter the ashes, but keeping back a small amount for a keepsake. Request your ashes collection kit by clicking the link to our website.