Your summer bucket list...sorted!

May 29, 2018, 2:10 p.m.

Summer is the prime time to get out there and try something new. We’ve come up with a few summer bucket list activities you might want to try

Go wild camping

Love the great outdoors? Wild camping should definitely be on your summer bucket list this year. Surprisingly, there are so many gorgeous places to set up camp without having to fork out for a campsite - you just need permission from the landowner. Choose from places such as the Black Mountains in the Brecon Beacons, the beautifully secluded Peppercombe Beach in North Devon or Ennerdale Valley in the Lake District. Just make sure you leave no trace of your visit and respect the neighbouring towns, cities and animal settlements. If you don’t fancy the thought of camping out in the wilderness because you’ve never been camping before then book yourself into a campsite for a long weekend as practice. This way, you can test out your tent and see if you actually like camping!

Let’s go wild camping!

Adopt a pet

Adopting a pet can be such a rewarding experience. There are thousands of animals in shelters all over the country looking for their ‘furr-ever’ home. If you’re looking for a furry new addition to your family then the RSCPA is a good start. They tend to have a branch in every major town or city and you can choose from rabbits, cats, dogs, horses and much more. It’s also worth checking out your local independent animal shelters. If you’d prefer a feathered friend instead then why not re-home a few ex battery farm hens? The British Hen Welfare Trust specialises in rescuing mistreated hens and offering them to the general public.

I want to save an animal!


Make new friends or renew old friendships

Sometimes we naturally lose touch with friends because of big life changes, geographical distance or just because we grew apart. Why not make this the summer you get back in touch with the friends you miss in your life? Or if that isn’t the case, then try make some new friends. This might be through social media, classes, at work, at the school gates, through your existing friends - nearly every situation is an opportunity to make new friends. Widening your circle of friends can lead to amazing opportunities in other areas of your life too!

I want to get back in touch with old friends!


Turn your hobby into a money-making business

The days are longer and that usually brings more energy! So why not spend your time transforming your hobby into a fun business. Doing something we love and generating an income from it could be the making of you! For example, if you’re a keen crafter then create a shop on Etsy and start selling your crafts online. But if your passion isn’t material, such as dancing, why not hire out a space and hold weekly dance classes? Whatever your passion is, turn it into your dream job.

I’m ready to turn my hobby into a money making idea!


Try outdoor swimming

What would summer be without mentioning going for a nice, cool dip? The great thing is, you don’t need to go abroad to swim outdoors! That’s right - there are more than likely several outdoor swimming pools and coastal lidos near you. Check out this list of UK coastal lidos, where you’ll find some great places to swim outdoors...anywhere from Aberdeenshire to West Sussex. Usually, a coastal lido is situated near the sea, so you can easily take a trip to the beach in the same day. Lidos are traditionally filled with salt water so it’s much easier to float around on the surface - which is especially great if you have small children or you’re not so confident in the water yourself.

I’m ready to take the splash!

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