Why go on a grown up gap year?

Dec. 16, 2018, 12:58 p.m.

A ‘grey gap year’ doesn’t mean it’s overcast when you’re’s a popular term for the recent surge in over 50s taking to the skies (and the sea!) travelling far and wide in search of adventure in the new chapter in their lives.

In fact, women over 50 have been leading the‘grey gap year’ boom in the last few years. This is specifically talking about people travelling abroad, whereas a gap year can even be taken in your hometown!

In this blog we explore why you should go on a grown up gap year and how it can help you get the most out of your life…

So why should I have a grown up gap year?

  1. When we’re a little older (and perhaps wiser!) we tend to have more disposable income. That’s not to say we’re all as flush as Richard Branson, but the chances are many of us have paid the mortgage off and saved money aside for rainy days. Gap years cost money...and middle-age is the time where we might have a bit more of it to go around. Silversurfers, the adult gap year planners, says that over 50s own 80% of the UK’s wealth and 67% of the UK’s property.
  2. We may become settled in our ways as we mature, so a gap year can be a fantastic way to ‘re-broaden’ the mind. Age is no excuse to stay ‘stuck in our ways’ and self-improvement doesn’t end when you hit 50.
  3. You may be starting a new chapter of your life. Teenagers go on a gap year after they finish secondary school because they’re going through a major life change - whether that’s going into full time work or going on to further education.
  4. Time is a big reason to go on a grown up gap year. None of us know when we’re going to die, but thanks to children flying from the nest and the joys of retirement we have a little more time on our hands in a general day-to-day sense.

Read up on a few tips on preparing for your grown up gap year before you go...and how to make the most of your trip while you’re away in our sister blog.

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