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Jan. 8, 2019, 2:27 p.m.

Our trusted legal experts are here to help you organise your affairs, to give you peace of mind that your life and death will be managed in the way you choose. huunuu Legal has been created by solicitors with years of experience. They’ve won numerous awards for their customer service and care*, so you can be rest assured you’re in good hands. Our range of products include a quick and simple online will, digital asset management, an executor toolkit and a lasting power of attorney document. All of the products can be accessed online, ensuring you a secure digital portal and easy access.

Online will

At least 60% of the UK don't have a will and their assets may not go to their loved ones. Creating an online will with huunuu legal, will make sure the people you choose are taken care of. It is a quick and affordable yet comprehensive service, which means you can organise your affairs in the time it takes to do an online shop, so you can get back to focussing on what’s important to you.

We can also organise mirror wills. This simply means that the terms of one will, mirrors that of another. This is very common for partners and spouses, where the terms of the will and outcome of what happens to their belongings and who inherits, is the same regardless of who dies first.

Making a will ensures your finances, property and possessions go to the people who matter in your life and your legal documents will be accessible in a secure online portal, which means you can access your documents when you need to.    

Create a Will


Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

An LPA is a legal document which allows you to appoint your most trusted people as your legal power of attorney and help you plan for the unexpected. This enables them to make decisions on your behalf, if you are unable to do so. These may be decisions about your financial affairs or your health needs.

It allows people you trust to manage your life rather than the state or someone you may not have chosen, were you able to do so.

A health and welfare LPA would mean your trusted person would be able to make decisions about the medical care you receive and where you live. A property and financial LPA means that your trusted person would have control of your finances, pensions and other benefits, alongside your property.

Your completed LPA documents will be added to your secure online portal, allowing you access at any time. 

Set up an LPA

Managing your Digital Assets

Make sure your loved ones have all the information they need to manage and access your social media and online accounts if you are unable to do so.

With huunuu you can safely store the login details for all your social media channels, shopping accounts, online subscriptions, cryptocurrency wallet details, government accounts, investment details and more. We are here to make life a lot easier for your family when they’re trying to sort out your paperwork after you die or are unable to access the accounts yourself. 

Information will be added to your secure online account where your trusted friends and family can access all this important information.

Secure your online life


Executor Toolkit

Our executor toolkit helps you deal with the paperwork after someone close to you has died. We like to call it your go-to estate administration assistant. The online tool guides you through a step-by-step process including the letters and forms you’ll need, how to distribute finance, property and possessions, and any other information you’ll need along the way.

Access to the initial steps is free of charge. The charges to receive help throughout the whole process from start to finish can be reimbursed from the estate later on.

If you have been named as an Executor, then this comprehensive easy to follow ten step process will give you peace of mind in a potentially stressful or sad situation, enabling you to do the very best for your loved ones.

Executor Toolkit

Visit huunuu Legal and get your affairs in order you can enjoy tomorrow! 

*We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer services and are extremely happy to have been winners at the WOW! Awards 2015 for “Putting Customers First Award: Small Business”, finalists in 2016 for “Empowering Your People: Best Organisation”, and finalists in 2017 for “Customer Experience Delivery of the Year: Small Business”.

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