Organ donation week - Words save lives

Sept. 4, 2018, 1:28 p.m.

This week people across the UK will be coming together and painting the country pink, in support of Organ Donation week (ODW).

Although more than 21 million of us have joined the Organ Donor Register, only 5,000 of us will die in circumstances where our organs are viable for donation.

In support of ODW, huunuu will be sharing some inspiring stories across our social media channels and shedding light on the big issues facing organ donation.

Are you an organ donor? If not, you can register to become one here. If you are, have you shared your wishes with your friends and family?

Although 73%* of us think that our next of kin shouldn’t be able to override our donation decision once we’ve passed, it still happens, with three potential donors being blocked by their families each week. Often the reason for this is they don't know what it is we want: we don't talk about it!

So why aren’t we having these crucial conversations?

The top 5 reasons people gave for not having the conversation were: 1) It never came up – 33% 2) Don’t want to talk about death – 16% 3) Not got round to it yet – 17% 4) Donating organs is a personal choice, don’t need to talk about it – 14% 5) Others wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about it – 11% (4)


If we don’t share our wishes with our loved ones, then they have to make those difficult and distressing choices in a time of grief, and unfortunately, only 1 in 3 of us have told our families and partners that we want to be a donor.

One way to have the conversation is to add Organ Donation to your huunuu funeral plan, and share your plan with your friends and family, so that they know your choices and wishes.

Let’s support ODW and have the important conversations:

Add organ donation to your plan here

Don’t forget to support Organ Donation Week 2018 on our Facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtags #YesIDonate, #WordsSaveLives and #OrganDonoationWeek.!

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