Meet Peggy, the patchwork superhero!

Feb. 7, 2020, 11:41 a.m.

Peggy is a keen huunuu supporter and also makes fabulous patchwork throws and bed runners.

After a chat, it was decided that we would sell Peggy’s beautiful handiwork and make a nice big donation to charity for each one sold. It seemed like a lovely thing to do, and we also wanted to show the world how talented she was.  

Peggy makes her throws using precious pieces of much-loved fabric. Recycling is important to her and she dislikes waste. It brings new life to an item that would otherwise be discarded or end up in landfill somewhere. Peggy can sometimes be found in charity shops searching for the right piece of fabric, good for the environment, charity and the soul. 

Patchwork throw

With a passion for sewing and a great eye for colour, she loves creating something beautiful and useful out of something that may have been thrown away. We like to say that Peggy invented upcycling before it became a trendy thing! 

Alongside making sustainable throws and other goodies, Peggy is also a Compassionate Neighbour and attends the university of the third age. Community is important to her and her kindness to those around her and us is inspiring.  

She has been supporting hunuu since the very beginning, and is passionate about supporting families and friends to be more open about their thoughts and feelings about dying.

Patchwork throw

Supporting huunuu has shown me that there are many individuals as well as companies and charitable organisations who have the same vision. However, it is still a ‘conversation stopper on occasion.” 

And she’s right of course, Peggy usually is. It is still a conversation stopper for some people, which is why we exist to change perceptions and support people to talk more.  

Peggy’s throws and blankets are available in our Etsy shop: with a generous 20% going to charities close to each one of the team’s hearts.  

The final words should go to Peggy. I asked her, how did she think her throws made people feel. 

Everyone should experience the warm hug and the beauty of the colours of each patchwork - they can evoke fond memories. 

And, as I said before, Peggy is always right! 



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