Lifestyle Trends 2019 – Ones to watch

Dec. 20, 2018, 10:41 a.m.

Move over hyggee and lagom, here are seven lifestyle trends that we are set to see in 2019.

1. De-cluttering

December has been full-on, we’ve eaten and drunk too much. We’ve eaten our body weight in mince pies and consumerism has been at a yearly high. It has all been a bit much. Many start January with plans to start afresh and de-cluttering seems a great antidote to all that excess. It’s a fine time to look at your possessions and decide what is really important to you. A new trend from our Scandi cousins is Dostadning, which helps you put things in order and declutter to move you forward into a bright and shiny 2019 (with a little less baggage).

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Getting fit with wearable tech

Getting fit in the New Year is nothing new but the increase in wearable tech to help us achieve our goals is set to rock the market. As each year passes, we are all a little bit more aware of the benefits of exercise. We’ve become a nation of curators and think nothing of monitoring and sharing our lifestyle with others. Wearable tech is set to become a little more attractive (jewellery) to help us with this. Want to set yourself an incredible fitness goal?

Add it to your life goals plan.

Ditching the plastic

Turns out that plastic, wasn’t that fantastic after all. 2018 has seen a surge in ethical lifestyle trends which is set to continue next year. Climate change is hot on the agenda and we all seek a greener more sustainable life that not only nourishes our soul but the planet too.

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Looking after your data

Facebook was monitoring us all, and we’ve become a bit more savvy about our digital footprint in 2018. A whopping 82% won’t deal with a company they believe may misuse their data. Our digital lives have become hot property. We’ve heard too many stories about accounts being hacked and our details being left on the backseat of taxis/buses/trains! People are looking for security and securing their information. Sometimes blue-tack over your web-cam just won’t cut it!

Manage your digital assets

Authenticity and Kindness

Kindness. Radical eh. Turns out 70% of people will only deal with people they feel are honest and authentic. We’ve become bombarded with dodgy politicians with their own agendas, big business dodging their taxes and frankly we’re all a bit fed up with this wheeler dealing. Authenticity is something people are striving for in themselves and others. Acts of kindness are big news, they matter and help us feel more alive. We’re going to add one or two random acts to our to-do list for January.

7 Random acts of Kindness

Plant based revolution

With Tesco stating that vegan food is the biggest culinary trend of 2018, and the amount of vegans has quadrupled, we are all becoming more aware of what we eat. Meat free Mondays have become a mainstay and new and interesting foods in this area are set to become a thing in 2019. Beet Morello or Japanese yams anyone? We’re going to add a new culinary experience to our life goals this year.


One way or another our lives will change a little bit next year. I think it’s fair to say that none of us will really know where our standing in the European union will be, come March next year, but change is afoot and divides in society are all the more visible. Our antidote to this chaos, plan a bucket list and choose to take back some control.

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