Life Death (And the Rest) at Arnos Vale

March 1, 2018, 2 p.m.

Last weekend we went to Life Death (And the Rest) at the beautiful Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol!

The 4-day annual event was full of intriguing talks, workshops and artsy spaces all dedicated to having those crucial conversations about death and how we celebrate and remember our loved ones.

Life Death (And the Rest) is all about being open about death and helping people discuss difficult topics in a safe, friendly environment, as well as informative talks about grief counselling.

We held an interactive workshop for 15 people and had all sorts of interesting discussions using our Crucial Conversations Cards:

huunuu Crucial Conversation Cards for life and death

Credit: Christina Thatcher @Writetoempower

Our participants worked together in groups and discussed all things death, life and remembrance. It was fascinating to see and hear all the different perspectives on some (usually) tricky subjects.

The event also included a Death Cafe where people can chat about normally taboo subjects while drinking tea and eating cake - yum. There was also a fantastic opportunity to learn about what’s available to you and your loved ones when it comes to funeral and memorial ideas. We particularly loved Memorial Tattoos, as they’re a poignant daily reminder of a loved one and a way to help ease bereavement.

On Friday there was a Death Disco where each person picked three songs that represented the happiest moments of their lives to date. It actually sounded like a great idea as an alternative to a funeral wake!

So what would you like to achieve in your lifetime? No matter how seemingly big or small - we want to know! Start your plan at today and don’t forget to tell us on our social pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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