Industry news: UK’s most expensive places to have a funeral revealed

Aug. 21, 2018, 1:03 p.m.

Every month we round up the funeral industry news that caught our eye. This time we talk about why it's important to teach children about death, Isle of Wight's 'open crem' event and which towns pay the highest for their funerals...

Watford has been named as the most expensive place in the UK. A survey by Beyond found that people living in Watford are paying an average of 37% more for funerals. The typical price paid is £5,814 for a funeral, compared to London’s £5,352 and Birmingham’s £4,265.

On the flipside, the cheapest place to hold a funeral is Derby, with an average cost of £3,000. Closely following is Belfast, Stockport and Swansea at £3,100.

Isle of Wight Crematorium holds a public open day

The Isle of Wight Crematorium invited the public to join in on an informal open day.

In an attempt to start conversations about death, the event involved exhibitors such as funeral directors, carriages and headstone providers. There was also a performance by the Wight Diamond Marching Band.

Iain Donald, council bereavement services manager, said, “Usually the only time someone visits is when they are grieving the loss of a loved one, so I our open day helped dispel and resolve the many myths and anxieties that people have about the cremation and burial process.”

Calls for more ‘death education’ in schools

An interesting article appeared in The Conversation a few weeks ago. It raised the matter of schools teaching children about death

The Australian Medical Association Queensland has already proposed putting death on the school timetable. They claim it will help people make informed decisions on everything surrounding death - including euthanasia and palliative care options. The piece in The Conversation calls for the demystification of death and teaching children about the laws, ethics and medical issues surrounding death.

At huunuu we also believe children should be taught about grief and bereavement. After all, there are so many books about bereavement catertered for children and teens - here’s a few ideas to get you started. Nothing can fully prepare anyone when a loved one dies - but having prior knowledge may help people process emotions in a healthier way.

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