How can you create a bucket list you’ll actually complete?

Feb. 5, 2018, 11:40 a.m.

Nearly everyone has some form of bucket list they would like achieve in their lives. But what sort of things do you actually want to achieve on your bucket list?

If you really think about it - would you really want to swim with dolphins if you didn’t enjoy the water? Do you really want to travel the whole 2,448 miles of Route 66 if you get car sick easily?

We’re not trying to put you off achieving your dreams - we’re just making sure you really want what you say you want! And we are here to tell you how to get it!

That’s why we’ve brought together some of our favourite ideas for creating a bucket list that isn’t full of clichés...a bucket list you can look back on and be proud of!

1. Make sure each item means something to you

Rule numero uno! Making sure each thing you want to achieve is significant to your personal values is vital if you want to complete your bucket list. To do this, you just have to indulge in a spot of visualising. So, to really test whether or not it means something to you just picture yourself making the plans and doing the groundwork.

For example, if one of your bucket list items is to fly a helicopter ask yourself if you’d actually enjoy it. If the thought of flying a helicopter fills you with unparalleled delight then you’re onto a bucket list winner. When you think about the activity do you feel motivated? Do you wish you could do it right now? Put it down on the list! The general rule is: if you feel like it’s a chore or something to ‘get out of the way’ then avoid adding it to the list.

2. Be clear, be measurable, be definitive

It’s no good writing down “get fitter” as a bucket list goal...because it’s not measurable and it’s far too vague! If you can 100% say “YES! I did it!” then you’re more likely to be motivated to complete more things on your bucket list.

Make sure your bucket list items are definitive.

Do say: “Sell one of my own paintings”
Don’t say: “Be a better painter”

The difference here is the verb at the start of the item. In most cases, “being” something is really tricky to measure, but if you’re more specific about what that “be” is (in this case, “selling”) you’ll make your bucket list items so much more definitive!

3. Dig deep to find the specifics

OK, so we mention being specific and measurable with your bucket list goals...but how can you do that? The trick here is to break down your goals into mini goals - this is where you discover what you truly want to do.

If, for example, you want to surf in Hawaii, ask yourself is it the place or the specific activity drawing you in more? You may discover you just want to take a surfing lesson - in which case you could head down to Cornwall and take lessons any time. Not only is this closer to home, it’s cheaper, so you’re much more likely to get it ticked off!

4. Everything can be a bucket list task

By this we mean your bucket list goals can be small everyday things such as “Make a pie from scratch” to bigger things such as “Go on an African safari.” Just because some things may not be as crazy and daring as skydiving, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be on your bucket list.

And because literally everything can be a bucket list task, you’ll want to make sure you can add items as inspirations strikes. Create a bucket list plan on huunuu today and you’ll be able to access and add to your list at the touch of a button. You can upload your ideas with visuals and even share your list with your friends to get their thoughts and inputs. Plus you can ask them to help keep you motivated towards your goals.

We love helping people achieve their dreams - that’s why you can create your bucket list for free with huunuu!

We also want to hear what sort of things you’re putting on your bucket list. Tell us on Facebook or Twitter today!

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