Cancer, cake and...drumming??

Feb. 19, 2019, 2:16 p.m.

Monday the 4th of February was world cancer day. Across the globe communities came together to discuss stories, show support and raise awareness about cancer and how it affects us.

In support of the event we joined Macmillan for their Cancer Care Conference at the Whittington Trust Hospital. You may remember Whittington and huunuu working together earlier this year to celebrate 70 years of the NHS!

Cancer is a big word, many of us will have experience with it and we’ll all react and feel differently about it. Often those reactions are tied to negative emotions of sadness, fear and loss. So the idea of coming together to talk all things cancer may seem like a daunting occasion. The conference was anything but, peppered with engaged exhibitors, interactive workshops and informative talks. It stripped away the negative connotations and focused on what really matters…people, individuals and quality of life.

huunuu was there, helping people to have the crucial and difficult discussions with their loved ones. We used our crucial conversations card game to stimulate some fantastic communication and as we so often find when words start to flow, we were told some inspiring and touching life stories!

We also got to take part in some of the workshops, although ‘work’ isn’t a word we’d use. We could choose from laugh yoga, sound therapy and my favourite (because I got to make lots of noise and let myself go) drum therapy! For anyone that’s never tried drumming, my advice would be jump at the opportunity if it presents itself. Coming from someone who’s classed as clumsy, drum therapy is not about coordination, it’s about letting go and having a good time.

If like me you’re in need of a morning pick me up (9.30am session anyone?) it will leave you feeling energised and smiling, one to add to your huunuu bucket list!

Laughter is great medicine!
Whilst supporting the Macmillan Cancer Care Conference at Whittington Trust, we took part in a laughter workshop!...