Budget Bucket List

Sept. 6, 2019, 2:06 p.m.

Do you have a bucket list full of ideas that cost a lot of money? Well, we are here to help with a few ideas to make your bucket list goals achievable on a budget.

Often near the top of a bucket list is: I want to learn how to…. ballroom dance, speak a new language, play an instrument. That one thing we always wanted to achieve but haven’t quite got round to.

Well we have you covered! With the power of technology there are free how to videos online, you have free lessons right at your fingertips and at home through your computer, phone or tablet.

If you need materials, instruments or books you could pick up second hand items at a charity shop, on a marketplace or even ask a friend if you could borrow theirs.

There are also plenty of apps out there that can help. One that's great for learning languages is Duolingo which is free! 

A frequent visitor to the bucket list are items that are travel related. We all know travel can be expensive but here are a few suggestions to help keep costs down;

o   Book travel last minute

o   Wait until Black Friday to get great deals on flights and holidays

o   Use sites such as Air bnb and Couch Surfing to reduce accommodation costs

o   You could even pick only one of your destinations that is a must and make it a really great trip         

For some free ideas to add to your list why not enjoy the beauty around you. It can result in some really fun filled ideas.

Lay under the stars at night, fly a kite, visit beautiful coastline, camp on the moors, and visit those places nearby that you keep meaning to go to, sunset picnic… the list is endless if you can get creative.


Here are our top ten budget bucket list ideas.


1.      Stargaze. Lie on a blanket and contemplate the universe. Make it a treat by having a flask of hot chocolate or your favourite tipple.

2.      Have a midnight feast. This one takes us back to childhood. Make sure you go to bed first, then wake up and eat your feast by candlelight. Best with a group!

3.      Do a random act of kindness. Be nice, make someone a cup of tea, visit your grandparents, give up your seat on the bus. Pay it forward.

4.      Grow something to eat. There is nothing more satisfying than eating your own juicy tomatoes, or apples from a tree you’ve grown. Make it more exciting and grow something you haven’t tried before.

5.      Help to save the planet. Commit to not buying any new clothes for a month, ditch the plastic, and try meat free meal options.

6.      Learn something new. I keep meaning to learn Norwegian! It could be a musical instrument, a craft, a technical skill.

7.      Discover your ancestry. It can be fascinating to find out about your ancestors. What parts of the world do you come from? Have you some relatives you didn’t know existed? It can help you to have a sense of time and space.

8.      Watch the sun rise or set. It can be magical to be at one with nature and see the beginning or end of the day. It could also help you to reconnect with the world away from computers and smart phones.

9.      Find your passion. We are all different, find the things that make you happiest and follow them. It can take a lifetime, but it’s fun to find out. Why not do some online quizzes to discover what you may or may not enjoy.

10.  Write your story. Pop it in a journal, share with loved ones if you wish. It can be a wonderful thing to look back on and can help you with planning what you want to do in all number of situations. Some books and journals can guide you through the process. 

There is buckets (pun intended!) of inspiration online for completely free ideas, so why not get inspired and create your bucket list, for free, on



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