7 Random acts of kindness

March 29, 2018, 1:45 p.m.

Whilst we’ve been working on our prize draw, which celebrates all NHS staff, we’ve found out quite a few things about the NHS culture...

In turns out we share some values in common; both of our cultures have a focus on natural compassion and helping people. Whilst this is obvious, in the case of the NHS, as we watch them spring into action each and every day, it may not be quite so transparent with huunuu.

Here at huunuu HQ, we have a little project going on, that runs alongside whatever we are doing and wherever we are. Essentially we like to carry out random acts of kindness, where and when we think it will be helpful.

Here are 7 things we’ve done recently:

  • Giving elderly American tourists a lift to their hotel when the doors of their train didn’t open
  • Paying for a stranger’s train ticket when they were stranded far from home
  • Realising someone had left themselves logged into a library self-serve machine, and paying all their library fines
  • Buying a drink for the person behind us in a coffee shop queue (the Share Shop runs an amazing online suspended coffee and sandwich scheme for the homeless)
  • Stopping to help a man on the street who’d lost his wallet and phone, so he couldn’t get back to his family
  • Paying for a couple's shop so they could have a decent meal that night
  • Finding bank cards and driving licenses and all manner of IDs and making sure they get home to their rightful owners

And whilst this is great, we are always looking to do more. As a company and individuals we think it is only right and proper to pay it forward every now and again.

This isn’t a ‘look at us aren’t we great post’ much more of a sharing our culture with you. We’d also actively encourage anyone and everyone to be kind every once in a while.

Let us know your random acts of kindess by sharing them using the hashtag #randomactofkindness, we’d love to hear them.

Of course, another way we are saying thank you is with our prize draw, which offers a lucky NHS worker and 25 friends and family a trip to a Manoir in France. NHS staff can enter here:

This competition is now closed! Read all about our wonderful winner!

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