5 more eco-funeral ideas

Sept. 17, 2019, 1:14 p.m.

A few weeks ago we wrote about green funerals and discussed five ways that you could have an eco send-off. We had such a fantastic response that we thought we’d create another list of five, so here goes!

1.       The burial site

Burial is generally considered greener than cremation, but what about the place of rest itself? The natural death centre offers independent funeral advice and has a handy list of natural burial sites across the UK. There are over 270 sites available and the winner of the best Natural Burial Ground, went to Old Park Meadow in Chelmsford full of grasses, trees and wildflowers.


2.       Organ donation/leave to science

What could be more generous than leaving your body to science? A chance to enable scientific progress. It’s such a fascinating process that we wrote a blog about what to do, if this is something you’d like to consider. Or how about the ultimate and final act of recycling – and giving others the chance to live on after you through organ donation. What a gift!  

3.       Transport

You don’t have to have a big expensive petrol guzzling hearse at your funeral, if you don’t want one. There are lots of alternatives, including the fantastic eco bicycle hearse – wow! You could also ask funeral guests to share rides where possible and give them public transport alternatives, if at all possible. We’ve also heard about electric hearses which are a good option if you are concerned with your carbon footprint.

 4.       Recycled items

A great idea to keep the funeral green is to consider recycled paper for the order of service or perhaps even consider a chalkboard option.  Keeping plastic usage down at the wake is also worth thinking about. It isn’t for everyone we know.


5.       Sky burial

One of the most eco-funeral ideas comes to us from Tibet and is a sky burial. The body is left on top of the mountain to allow animals and visiting birds to feed. A way of giving back the body to the land. Not available in the UK, but this fascinating ritual can be found out about here.

We thought we’d leave you with pause for thought!

However you plan your funeral or those of your loved ones, you can create a free wish list and plan on huunuu.

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